Trustees’ Week 2014!

The 10th – 16th November is Trustees’ Week 2014! 

Many of you who volunteer with or support SVC will know that we have a Board of Trustees, along with every other registered charity. SVC is pretty unique however in that most of our trustees are classified as ‘Young Trustees’, people aged 18-25.

“Why is this so special?” I hear you ask! Well, out of every single registered Trustee in the UK only 0.5% of them are under 25, and since we have a board that is nearly full of them it seems we’re doing well to break the mold!

So, what does a Trustee actually do? This is the explanation given on Government’s website which goes some way to explaining our role.

Trustees make sure the charity is running well and is doing what it was set up to do. This includes ensuring the charity:

  • has the money it needs
  • spends its money sensibly, on the activities it was raised for
  • follows the law, including preparing reports and accounts to send to the Charity Commission
  • doesn’t break the rules in its governing document (its constitution, trust deed or articles)

So in short, Trustee’s are responsible for the running of the charity and also deciding on it’s direction, as well as where funding should be go – we do this during our weekly board meetings. We all get the opportunity to learn a huge amount about charity law, about funding and the Third Sector in general, as well as being able to put our own stamp on our particular role and give back to SVC when it has done so much for us!

Read on to see what two of our board members, Daf and Nicola, have to say about what led them to becoming a Trustee and what it means to them.

Dafydd Haine, Events Officer: 

Hi, I’m Dafydd, and I sit on the Board of Trustees for Student Volunteering Cardiff, specifically as an Events Officer. In this role, my responsibilities not only include planning and organising practical aspects of the year such as fundraisers and volunteering weeks, but also taking an active role in the direction and leadership of the charity. As Trustees, we on the Board are responsible for making decisions on a variety of issues, from day-to-day practicalities to changes or alterations in our constitution – and our choice is the executive choice. We are often easily confused with our full-time paid staff members, who although are a fantastic and dedicated team, do not share this ability to vote on such matters – this aims to ensure that the charity is run by volunteers, and to keep any decision-making as free as possible from external pressures.

I decided to become a Trustee as it seemed like the logical and ideal next step from being a volunteer or project co-ordinator. I had progressively become more involved with SVC over my years at Cardiff University, and becoming a Trustee meant I could now begin to give back to the charity what I had initially gained from it. By being directly involved in the running, decision-making and direction of the charity, I – along with the rest of the Board – hope to maintain the high standard of engagement and enthusiasm that SVC is famed for, and ensure this is another year full of opportunities for both the students and the community we aim to serve!

Nicola Houghton, Vice-Chair:

As a member of the board of trustees for SVC Cardiff 2014-2015, I have been awarded with the opportunity to make a positive impact to a charity which provides hundreds of students with many different aspects of community volunteering. It is a real pleasure to collaboratively with others in team making decisions regarding individual projects, funding, and events such as those coming up in Winter Week, not forgetting going to the many alcohol- induced socials. Being trustee does require commitment and responsibility but this is outweighed by the sheer rewards you gain from it on a weekly basis.

If you’d like to see more about the people and roles we have on the board have a look here to find out more. We hope you have enjoyed finding out a bit more about what the SVC Trustees do, but if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Trustee yourself then feel free to email any of us to find out more! You can find all of our emails here. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great week everyone!


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