Safety Bus Success!

We are very pleased to announce that the Police Safety Bus scheme came runner up in their category of the National Personal Safety Awards, which are run by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. The scheme is also going to be mentioned in the November edition of Elle Magazine! We are all very proud of this amazing achievement and want to say well done to everyone who put their time and effort into volunteering on the scheme and preparing for the awards.


Some of the members of the scheme at the awards ceremony


The Safety Bus is part of a scheme run jointly between the South Wales Police and SVC which also includes other activites such as police walkabouts and stewarding at the annual Varsity event. The Safety Bus itself aims to help individuals who may be vulnerable (often as a result of too much alcohol) and ensures they get home safe.

During the course of the awards the scheme received some great feedback from judge, and Elle collumnist, Victoria Coren Mitchell who was particularly impressed with the service the Safety Bus provided:

“There is a sense in the national press that if people are drunk on the streets at night then they only have themselves to blame for anything bad that happens. It’s completely understandable why people would feel this, which is why it strikes me as particularly open-minded and kindly for a group of people to cut through all the “blame issues” and provide a simple practical way to protect the young people of Cardiff from robbery, violence and sexual assault when they are in vulnerable situations. Since the change in licensing laws there has been an increasing problem with inebriated people on the streets at night, and we simply must find ways to reduce the danger this creates. It would be easy to turn a blind eye, or for a police force to approach these young people solely as a hazard or annoyance rather than people who might be in danger – I am impressed and moved to see the South Wales Police take a braver, more sympathetic and more practical approach, and hope these buses can be rolled out as a wider scheme around the country.”


Congratulations again to everyone involved and keep up the good work!


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